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I led a comprehensive design initiative for a collaborative digital workspace, Delta, involving government agencies like DIGG and Försäkringskassan. From idea generation to detailed design, I focused on improving user experiences. Utilizing tools such as Adobe CC, Figma, and Jira, I integrated into agile teams, actively participating in Scrum certification for enhanced efficiency.

Havs- och vattenmyndigheten  |  2022-2023



Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management still uses old meeting tools such as Skype and storage locations such as G:-drive. The problem is that:

  1. These programs are outdated, and it's confusing with all the tools scattered around

  2. HaV wants to use new tools, but many do not comply with GDPR, etc

  3. HaV employees have worked in the same place for decades, difficult with new tools


My task was, in a Scrum team, to develop a new collaboration environment with the tools close at hand, and create training materials to introduce all HaV employees to the new platform.



I conducted a thorough mapping of the various employee types at the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (HaV). Subsequently, I categorized the findings into distinct personas.


For each persona, I compiled a list of tools they commonly use and identified specific obstacles they encounter.

Skärmavbild 2024-03-06 kl. 10.09.01.png

A map of personas.


Skärmavbild 2024-03-05 kl. 16.45.49.png

I facilitated workshops with stakeholders, experts, and employees, delving into their daily work routines. We explored the major tools they use, gathered feedback (both positive and negative), and gained insights into their everyday experiences.


During dedicated sessions, participants brainstormed ideas and provided constructive feedback on enhancing the tools. All gathered data, initially documented on post-it notes, underwent categorization and grouping. Subsequently, the compiled list was digitized and prioritized for further action.

A workshop that my team and I held at Intunio.


After gathering and sorting all the data, we proposed new tools. These tools underwent UX exploration, generating suggestions for developmental improvements presented to the developers. Developers then implemented new features to enhance these tools.


To launch the new tools, I moderated a panel discussion with experts, recorded the conversation, and incorporated it into training material. I posed questions on tool usage and considerations for physical, digital, and hybrid meetings. Additionally, I created cheat sheets, guides, etc., to aid employees in onboarding to the new tools.

Skärmavbild 2024-03-06 kl. 10.59.28.png

I held a panel discussion with experts.


In a culminating opportunity, I conceptualized a vision for a future digital collaborative environment. This envisioned platform offers each employee a personalized space, consolidating essential tools commonly used in their daily workflows through an intuitive dashboard. In this unified space, features such as intranet, news, chat, video tools, and more seamlessly converge, enhancing user accessibility and fostering a cohesive digital work experience.

Skärmavbild 2024-03-06 kl. 13.47.59.png
Skärmavbild 2024-03-06 kl. 13.57.13.png
Skärmavbild 2024-03-06 kl. 13.57.37.png
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